St Marten Massage Mobile Service travels to all major resorts on the island.

Make reservations for a therapist to come to your room right now. Full service, mind and body relaxation while vacationing on Saint Marten.

Our telephone number is +1 721 526 5574 | click to call

st-martin-relaxation-massge in-room-massage-service professional onsite treatments

Treatments from male or female certified therapist start at $65.00 per/hour and advanced treatments are $180.00 US per hour from a female masseuse.

Mobile Massage is ready to bring you the best massage service in SXM while the privacy of your room,.

No need to leave the resort, we can have a therapist over in 60 minutes..

Regular therapeutic or advanced body to body for villa in-house or for Yacht Charter crew.

The Therapist at SXMONSITE MASSGAE will travel to your hotel and the treatment can done in your room or by the pool by a male or female or request two female therapist.

relaxation massage in hotel room | maho Recommendations is to call as soon as you arrive for best massage on st Maarten to make reservations . St Maarten massage service also offers Couples Massages :

You are also free to communicate to the receptionist exactly how you want the massage done as a couple in order for you to get mutual satisfaction. Telephone : +1721 526 5574 , the receptionist will send a professional therapist to preform a therapeutic deep Tissue session or advanced whole body touch with you right now. Make Reservations


In Room Relaxation Massage Furthermore Our company is open 24 hours a daily don’t hesitate to call. The Island is slowly coming back , hotels are opening after Hurricane Irma and our therapist are ready. Our Company offers affordable Integrated Living Full Body Therapy by qualified therapist, male or female. Send us a email and we can Arrange facials, Mani-pedis or where yoga sessions are available.

Unfortunately we do not offer beach massage treatments .

Best Choice Treatment

  • Saturday the 26th
  • Simpson Bay Marina
  • Atrium Resort
  • Mary Boons Inn
  • Royal Palm
  • Flamingo Resort
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St Martin | SXM | St Maarten Massage Has A Variety Of Massage Services and Therapies For All.


St Martin Massage Mobile Service have been working all major hotels and villas on the island for over 12 years . From mullet bay ,oyster area, Simpson bay and and may upscale neighborhoods. As a result it’s sad to see most of them closed. But we are confident to say that you will be satisfied with our service .

If you choose to invite sxmonsitemassge into your residence (either male or female). You Will Be Pampered By Our Massage Therapy Experts With Years Of Experience In The Industry. SXM ONSITE MASSAGE no way affiliated with touch of hands or their staff. Their website is very deceptive and with all of it’s fake comments, we warn, be cautioned.

Because Of The Combination Of Total Bodily Contact And Sometimes Pleasurable Arousal . Its important that the therapist you invite are safe and trustworthy. We think it’s better for a couple looking for a regular or sensual massage to share the room.

Feel safe and no that you are in good company. So, St Martin Couples Sensual massage is always provided by fun safe team. And your therapist wants each of you to have the thrill of watching each other receive the highest quality deluxe massage. We don’t promise anything we cant provide ,so the services you find on our website is what we offer and we provide almost anything.

Definition of our sensual massage : sensual massage uses energy as well as physical means to bring pleasure, desire, presence, and deep lasting satisfaction to your body . It’s not so much where we touch and what we do as how we do it, the energy and intentions behind it, and how present and sensitive we are .

We are not a escort service Of course these massages are not for everyone and but for those of you willing to try , its available. We Are A Discreet Service, our therapist travels with portable tables And You Can Feel Comfortable Inviting Us To Your Residence.

The Standard Spa takes a holistic approach to uniting mind, body and spirit.

But sometimes you need a bit (or quite a bit) of special attention, which is where our treatments come in.

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St Maarten Couples Massage is one of our most popular and widely requested services in St Maarten.

Receive two therapist for just $190.00 Per Hour. Our pre Summer Special cost $160.00 per hour . Just call and we will tailor our treatment plan to your special needs. All you need to do is to make a call for a couples massage Saint Maarten and the therapists will bring the services to you

In addition you can get the couples massage Saint Maarten right in your condo, your hotel or on the deck of your yacht . Consequently couples and friends enjoy massages together with added spa treatments in a package for perfect touch.

Two different therapists, tables and fours hands while vacationing in St.Martin cost $160.00. Relax and let our professional saint martin massage therapist do all the work. Our relaxing ambiance has been created to provide the perfect space to share relief, pampering and time.

Together in the same room allows two people to completely relax and release stresses. Our company brings you the whole package deal. Including a full body massage under candlelight and soft music. It is a romantic get-away and it’s a great way to unwind together .With your husband/wife, mother/daughter, same-sex partners, father / son . view-from-cliff-cupecoyOur clients enjoy their personal time on our comfortable massage table. You will be massage with an aim of relaxation and stress relief at your resort or luxury apartment.

For these reasons it has been quick to gain popularity with locals & guest visiting the island. Our On-site massage is intended for use as a quick ‘Stress Buster’, delivering the maximum amount of relaxation in the minimum amount of time. BENEFITS While Saint Martin Massage service offers the opportunity to Amp up the romance factor not just around Valentines Day. package deals Package Deals A massage with your significant other is the best spa treatment.

SXM Massage offer massages for same sex couples as well. Find a wide range of spas that sill have a issue with the subject, not massagesxm.com. Relaxation touch massage in saint martin treatment available for singles as well .

Best Choice Treatment

  • Saturday the 26th
  • Simpson Bay Marina
  • Atrium Resort
  • Mary Boons Inn
  • Royal Palm
  • Flamingo Resort
CONTACT INFO massagesxm adress : Cole Bay union rd. Phone: (721) 526-5574

Looking for a deep tissue massage in St.Maarten? Give us a call 721 526 5574. or book a massage Online. The cost is $100.00 per hour. We have deep tissue massage in St.Maarten available 24 hours day.

St Martin Massage Service offers Professional On-site offers a unique opportunity to receive touch and specialized therapies on-site at your Hotel, yacht or in your vacation home beginning at $85.00. Every Tuesday and Friday we offer in house treatments at our studio in Simpson Bay or Cole Bay.

You can find us on the map link and we will email you the directions once we have made confirmations. When you book a deep tissue massage at your hotel, your practitioner will give you a real deep tissue techniques.

However, you may decide after a while that it’s too deep, or just a relaxation massage let the therapist know. The Sensual massage includes it all. what is sensual Fun, safe and well deserved

Full Body Sensual Touch Massage Sessions Are Not For Everyone, Some Clients ( And Some Of Our Masseurs And Masseuses) Wont Hear Of It. And Then Again Partners That Are In A Longtime Relationship Are Sometimes Tired Of Their Old Routines.

There Are Many Things That Most Couples Enjoy Doing Together On Their Free Time And In 2018 Some Clients Demand More Than Cakes And Snacks.